Hi flower lovers,

Spring is here! It is so fun to watch the flowers come and go season to season. I am so excited for some to go and really ecstatic for some to come! Peonies being my favorite! 
We have some exciting news that we will be "officially" releasing in hopefully a couple months. Let's just say TSM (The Stalk Market) is growing! :) **Details will come soon!

With that being said, I would like to introduce you to Rachel! She is our newest (not so new to me anymore, but new to social media world via TSM) floral designer. Rachel came to us in August inquiring about a floral designer position. She has had no experience (which I LOVED!) in floral design, but she was so eager to learn after recently getting married & the flowers being her favorite part. After chatting via email and a little Facebook stalking (yes, Rachel, I Facebook stalked to you! - and all employers do this FYI people!) I could just tell she would be the perfect fit. Rachel came in a little shy but soon opened up when she probably realized I like to watch tv and work! :) We have a very laid back environment here at TSM and I think that's what makes work fun. 
Rachel has come a long way since learning the trade. She picked up designing like it was natural for her! We are so thankful for her and all her hard work and can't wait for more! Here's to the next year of weddings! :) 


Meet Rachel

Favorite Flower: Garden roses
Favorite Color: Aqua
Favorite Food: French Bread
Favorite Thing: Decorating!!